Reports & Certificates for Caravan Weighing, Car Weighing & Trailer & Boat Weighing

Reports & Certificates for Caravan Weighing, Car Weighing & Trailer & Boat Weighing

Mobile Caravan Weighing

This report records the weight of each wheel, each axle, total of axles, Towball Mass (TBM), Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) and Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

Mobile Vehicle Weighing

This report records the weight of each wheel, each axle, total of axles your vehicle, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and when attached to your caravan, the Gross Combination Mass (GCM) and available payload.

Weight Certificate

This certificate is used for custom built trailers and caravans.

Acronym Weight Terms Explained

Acronym Name Description
GVM Gross Vehicle Mass Maximum weight of your towing vehicle when fully loaded as set by the manufacturer. This includes the tow ball mass when caravan or trailer is hitched.
GTM Gross Trailer Mass Actual maximum permissible weight of your loaded caravan/trailer at any given point in time and hitched to your towing vehicle.


GCM Gross Combined Weight Total of vehicle and caravan/trailer maximum allowed mass.


TARE Tare Weight Total of dry weight as it leaves the factory with all accessories fitted (with no payload).
TBM Tow Ball Mass The weight the fully loaded caravan or trailer imposes on the tow vehicle.
ATM Aggregate Trailer Mass This is the maximum your caravan is allowed to weigh in transit (unhitched from the tow vehicle) as set by the manufacturer. This is the tare mass of your caravan/trailer plus its maximum payload.
BTC Braked Towing Capacity Maximum allowable weight that can be legally towed by the towing vehicle.
Payload Any item added after manufacture. Things to take into account are passengers, water, bull bars.
Maximum payload (caravan) Maximum weight that can be loaded into the caravan. Things to take into account are bikes, tool boxes, food, clothing, water and gas (items added after manufacture).

You’ll find the tare, ATM, TBM and GTM stamped on the vehicle identification number.

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Useful Information and Things To Consider

  • The following are included in your weights and lower your payload:
Bullbars, canopies and fridges
Tradie equipment, tools and tool boxes
Passengers, fuel and water
  • Did you know your towball weight is included in your vehicle's payload when the vehicle is connected to your trailer or caravan?
  • Check your vehicle towbar and the vehicle owners manual to find the maximum towball mass allowed for your tow vehicle.
  • Is your tow vehicle and caravan compatible with each other?
  • Public weighbridges are not set up to provide detailed weight information to travel safe.
  • With accurate weight details customers are better equipped to load and distribute load/weight in their caravan and vehicle.
  • An overweight vehicle, caravan, trailer or boat is deemed unroadworthy.

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