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Now is the time to get serious about caravan weighing. Keep your family, friends and other road users safe.

Experience the Ultimate Caravan Weighing & Vehicle Weighing service

Are you an avid traveler heading out on your next adventure exploring the beautiful, picturesque country side? It's important to ensure that your caravan & car is safe and compliant with weight regulations.

At Right Weight Mobile Weighing we provide the ultimate caravan weighing service, that guarantees your peace of mind.

We are a member of Mobile Weighbridges Australia. Prior to starting our business, we underwent professional training with Dave Lewis from Weight Check, Australia’s 1st mobile caravan weighing business.

When it comes to your safety and the safety of others on the road, knowing your caravan & car’s weight is crucial. Our expert team is equipped with quality weighing equipment to provide you with accurate and precise measurements. We understand the unique needs of caravan owners, and our experienced professionals ensure that the weighing process is conducted with precision.

Weighing your vehicle, caravan, trailer or boat will give you:

  • Peace of mind you’re under legal weight limits;
    to prevent any fines for being over weight
    in the event of an accident (your insurer could refuse any claim if you are deemed over loaded)
  • Information to assist with balancing your load to prevent swaying, making it safe to tow
  • Knowledge that you are travelling safely
  • Information on the payload that can be carried by your vehicle, caravan, trailer or boat

Things you need to know about vehicle, caravan, trailer and boat weights.

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